Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Government Health Benefits is Very Important

Government benefit programs such as the Lifeline Assistance Program, Food Stamps, Medicaid are necessary resources to help many families make it thorough on a day to day basis. There are many families that have very limited financial resources; and many of these families have under-aged children and and members of families who through no fault of their own are financially strapped and need the assistance of government in the form of food, medical attention and other basic emergency needs.  However, it is all too common for the uninformed to have negative thoughts and voice strong opinions about people who receive Government benefits.  They are classified as lazy and moochers in which lawmakers seem to cut benefits without a second thought.  Many of these families having financial difficulties are ashamed and tend not to speak up for themselves.  They also feel that it is not popular to be in this position receiving benefits and it is all too easy to label them in a negative light.  However, there are many advocates of families that are having financial difficulties and the message that benefits are needs for these families to survive.  But, there is more awareness needed to educate ourselves about the facts of who these families are that need these types of benefits.
We should understand that children make up a significant number of these family members that need Government assistance.  There may be one or two parents in the family but if there are three children for example, why should they suffer the hardship.  Why should they go without having enough food, not being medically treated or treated in a sub-par manner, and even not being allowed to have local phone services in case of emergencies. Children cannot help the the family that they were born in or control the family finances.  So it is logical that the government help them even if it means helping the entire family.  Also, there are many people in families that are disabled, mentally challenged and/or have medical bills through no fault of their own.  It is by chance that some people develop or are born with certain illnesses than others.  Having significant illnesses and disabilities can cause a family to have financial stress in an instant and therefore requiring the need for Government assistance.  One can wonder why would it not be appropriate for the Government to help a family with medical concerns if they cannot help themselves.  I can not think of a reason.
What I believe we can do to increase the effectiveness of these type of Government benefit programs are to invite these families and members to speak publicly to lawmakers about their needs and why receiving the benefits are important.  I believe it will help the effectiveness of lawmakers better considering the goods from the programs if they put a face and voice to the people actually receiving the benefits.  Also,  it will better educate the public as to these benefits and realize that their stereotype of the common recipient of Government benefits are not what they think.  Government agencies can help by putting more safeguards in place so that true families that are in financial need are receiving the benefits.  Therefore, directing more benefits to the right families increasing the effectiveness.  It is my belief that providing Government benefits to those families that are in financial need plays valuable role in our society and should remain a part of what our Government does.